Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to web hosting how to's from our expert support staff.

How to transfer my Domain Name?

Firstly, please login to Members area via

In the top menu section you will see a tab called "My Domains", navigate to it. Here, you will see the list of all your registered and transferred domains.

To start the transfer of your domain name from another domain registrar to our servers, please click button.

In the next screen, please enter your domain name without the extension (for example "" without extension is "mydomain") and select the domain extension from the select box.

You will also need to enter the Authorization Code (sometimes called the EPP code) for the transfer to begin. This code can be aqquired from your previous domain registrar.

When all of the information is filled in, please click and the transfer process will be attempted.

NOTE! Transfer process will be SUCCESSFULL only if the domain name is not locked by the registrar (sometimes this lock is called anti-theft, anti-hacker or security lock). Also the domain name privacy must be turned OFF or the transfer will fail. If you do not know if privacy is enabled, please check out your domain name via WHOIS tool provider, for example

Your domain name should show your correct Contact details in this page, and domain name Status should be ACTIVE (status should not be LOCKED, SUSPENDED, REDEMPTIONPERIOD, or OTHER).