Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to web hosting how to's from our expert support staff.

How do I add a new Website to My Account?

Firstly, please login to Members area via

In the top menu section you will see a tab called "My Websites", navigate to it. Here, you will see the list of all your active hosting accounts.

To add a new website account (host a new website), just click button. You will be able to select a hosting plan (Free Hosting or Premium Hosting) in the next screen.

After selecting the plan, you will need to either use our free subdomain, use your own domain name or register a new domain name, which will be set as the main domain name of your new hosting account. You can also choose your own password or generate a random one.

After entering all of the information and captcha, please click button, and a new account will be created. This account will also appear in your "My Websites" section.

You can switch to the Control Panel of any of your Hosting accounts by clicking the button.